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May 14 2021 06:54:16
{ } About the Shard

There are a lot of exciting features that this shard has. This will help you get started in our sometimes unforgiving world.

1. The tracking skill has been updated. It has a larger range and you can now track Points of interest. This will be useful in finding new spots on this new map.

2. You can train whatever skills you like without limit. The individual skill cap for each skill is 100 and 120 with power scrolls. Only certain skills have power scrolls that take you to 120.

3. The Stat Cap for players is 300 without stat scrolls.

3. To use global chat you type [c . Make sure you are in general chat and your message will go out to everyone on the shard.

4. The new Aptitude system is a fun way to compliment your skills. Test it out. This system is constantly being tested and changed. Look for updates on it.

5. You're allowed to do as you wish on this shard as long as it doesn't interfere with other player\s game play. Player killing is allowed. However, a lot of our features are not tested for PVP. Don\t be surprised if you see instant feedback in update notes to compensate for it.

6. This shard is home to many people. We need to make sure we take care of each other and help build a great community. If you have a suggestion for something to improve the shard, please email me or post on the forums.

7. I've spent many years working on this shard. From the maps all the way to the features. Believe me when I say that staff here will NOT interfere with players. We will not create insane items and give them to players. We will not re-hue something to a color you like. You get the picture.

8. Things are constantly changing on the shard. Not a day goes by where i\m not tweaking a spawn or adding a feature. Please understand that I cannot prevent shard crashes from happening all the time. I will do my best to prevent them. If it happens and you think you caused it email me with the details or post it on our forums. I will correct it ASAP.

9. By Default you start off as a human character. There are quests that will change your race in each one of the cities.

10. Skill gain is not terribly difficult. There are skills that are the exception to that rule.

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