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Server update 8-9-20


August 09 2020
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Server update 8-9-20
-Added your current stable slots and max stable slots to the claim list menu for animal trainers.
-The dungeon Twisted Weald is now live. Check it out by finding it;s entrance in Eaglevale.
-Added the Spellweaving spells Dryad Allure, arcane empowerment, and wildfire to the server.
-Added Spellweaving AI
-Dungeon chest loot is now spawning in Twisted Weald. Other dungeons will get updated in a later update.
-Added the Dreadhorn Peerless
-Fixed a bug that caused pets to be lost when breeding
-Making a regular golem now requires lolite ingots and iron ingots.
-Updated the slayer list for slayer weapons
-Made numerous updates to the pet advancement system. Max level for pets is now 15.
-Made changes to when loot was added to a monsters. All loot other than gold will be added when a monsters dies. This will reduce the amount of items present on the server.
-Minichamps code has been added. The only minichamp currently available is the Meraktus mini champ in the Rock Dungeon.
-Fixed Numerous map terrain issues.
-Energy vortex should now be harder for monsters to dispel.


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